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Birds Gallery Search Index - a classified index of (mostly common) Scottish birds:

This search index is not comprehensive - it is an aid to searching for some of what is actually on the website. You can still search for anything else using the search box at the foot of any page.
Click through any of these pictures to find another sub-gallery for that group. You can then click to search for individual species.

Please note that like any search engine, the first search results will be the most relevant, e.g. a search for red grouse will first find pictures with red grouse in them, then when all the red grouse pictures have been found, the search becomes less relevant - e.g. it will find anything with red, and anything with grouse in the keywords.

Water Fowl gallery
Water Fowl gallery
e.g. swans, ducks and geese
game Birds gallery
Game Birds gallery e.g. grouse,
partridges and pheasants
Passerines gallery
Passerines gallery
Perching birds - e.g. warblers,
tits,finches, buntings,
pigeons, sparrows, crows
hirundines, chats and pipits
Waders gallery
Waders gallery
e.g. sandpipers, godwits, plovers
Water Birds gallery
Water Birds gallery
e.g. grebes, rails, divers
Birds of Prey and Owls gallery
Birds of Prey and Owls gallery
e.g. hawks, falcons, eagles, owls
Seabirds gallery
Seabirds gallery
e.g. gulls, terns, auks,
petrels, divers, shearwaters

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