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Technical Details of Images

All my pictures on the site are from SLR digital camera files, or are scanned from film, and of very good quality and suitable for printing at A4 or A3. The thumbnails in the top left show a detailed view of an important part of the picture. Many of the landscape format images would also be suitable for using in portrait format.

The photos on the site are sRGB jpgs made mostly from either tifs in the case of film scans, or (in most cases), converted from Canon SLR raw files using Adobe RGB, from a Canon EOS D60, (my first digital SLR in 2003), onwards through a 20D, a 40D, and a few from a 1D MkIII, to my current cameras, a 5D, and a 50D. Some recent images were taken on a Nikon D300. Original images are between 6 and 15 megapixels. Most were taken with prime telephoto lenses - either a 400mm Canon L lens, or Sigma EX lenses, but one of my sharpest flight shots was taken with a Canon consumer zoom lens (70-300 USM, only slightly stopped down). Most of the images are sharp enough to be enlarged to create files with very large numbers of pixels if needed.

When examined closely at 100% scale view, the images scanned from film are grainier than the digital images, and more contrasty, but are perfectly acceptable for nearly all purposes. It seems to me that digital is now inherently superior in quality to film (apparently Canon thinks that point has been reached with 10 megapixels), and I'm glad I made the switch in 2003. I didn't use my EOS3 film camera for several months after that, then finally sold it after it had become virtually worthless!

My father's photographs (which have still to be transferred from the old site) have been scanned mostly from 6cm x 6cm Ektachrome transparencies, some from large black and white negatives, and some from 10" x 8" prints, where that was all I could find. All these files are of good quality. Most colour scans are 45 to 50Mbytes.

6 megapixel jpgs of 3072 x 2048 or similar size, which should easily print to A4, are available immediately of all images on the site. As of October 2009, the site has about 650 images, and is being expanded to include as many as possible as quickly as possible. Images can be provided as sRGB or Adobe RGB tifs, jpgs, or as unmounted or mounted prints or greetings cards as needed.