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Please send us an email to if you are unsure of anything.

Stock Photograph Sales - the image library:

  • reasonable rates for high resolution digital files on CD or by email attachment, especially to charities
  • images sent on request by email
  • commercial price depends on size and usage of photographs (see shopping cart for details)
  • photographs are all the copyright of, and are not free
  • See the map for location of most pictures and the species and topic list for an alphabetical index to pictures
  • The shopping cart uses Paypal. The site sends you (and Photoscot) an email when you click to Submit your order.
  • Please reply to the email with the following information:
    • the intended use, for example whether it's for an advert, a website, a front cover, a charitable organisation
    • what format you would like the image in - e.g. tif or jpg

Other services offered (see links to pages or details below) are:

  • talks - £30 for a talk of an hour to an hour and a half, plus reasonable travelling expenses if outside Glasgow - see Events page
  • photography workshops - mostly for the RSPB - see Events page
  • mounted prints sent through the post -
    £5 plus postage and packing in Britain for an unmounted 9" x 6" print
    £10 plus postage and packing in Britain for a 9" x 6" in an A4 parchment-coloured card mount. The mounts will fit an A4 frame.
    Panoramic pictures e.g. Loch Lomond panoramas , which are £30, professionally printed and mounted.
    It is not practicable to post mounted panoramic images - they would have to be rolled up unmounted.
  • photo scanning services - see below and separate scanning page
  • photographic advice - see below
  • computer advice - see below
  • photography commissions - see below

If these services are otherwise unpriced, they are based on £15 per hour plus travelling expenses where necessary.

Email Photoscot at the address on the front page if you are interested.

Photo Scanning

If you have old negatives, slides or prints, which you want scanned into tifs or jpegs, this can be done in a reasonable period of time, depending on our availability. A reasonable charge per slide scan, depending on the quality (more pixels per inch takes longer to scan and therefore costs more). You may have to wait a little longer, but charges will generally be less than those charged by high street shops or professional labs. The scanner can cope with up to 4800 dpi of input resolution, and with film bigger than 35mm. See separate scanning page for details.

Photographic Advice

This can be done in your house or in the field, to help you to get the best from your camera. Charges by negotiation, depending on what advice you want, and for how long. Photoscot has given in-service training to school staff and student teachers on how to use digital cameras. Why not come on a photography workshop, or get a group together and ask for a photography workshop to be organised?

Computer Advice

If you have a computer problem, we can come to your house and help you to get the best from your computer. Charges by negotiation, depending on what advice you want, and for how long, but are based on £15 per hour.
David taught Computing from 1990 to 2010, so should be able to answer most of your questions, or know how to find out! He can travel within Central Scotland to do computer training.

Amongst advice services I have given recently to customers are:

  • how to use a digital SLR
  • how to understand and work with the operating system (usually Windows).
  • how to use aspects of Photoshop
  • recommending a slide scanner, an internet connection and a new computer system
  • backing up data on to a CD or an external hard drive, and removing the backup off site and storing it safely for people in my fireproof safe - see the page of advice on how not to lose your data.
  • writing simple instructions for doing tasks (such as copying or backing up data, and scanning slides and filing the resulting pictures) which are needed infrequently enough that people forget how to do them.
  • Click here for some free advice on how not to lose your data

Photography Commissions

If there is anything you want photographs of, please let me know, and we will try to make an arrangement to take some pictures. Rates by negotiation, depending on the intended use, and what format the pictures are needed in.