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Saturday 19 March 2011 10am – 4pm

One-day digital wildlife photography course at Glasgow University - course number Y197.

Digital Wildlife Photography Course - beginner to intermediate Level - in St Andrews Building, Department of Adult and Continuing Education, Glasgow University, including a morning photography walk in Kelvingrove Park, and use of computers with Photoshop in the afternoon.

The course will be aimed at people wanting more experience of their digital compact or digital SLR and we will discuss and work with both jpeg and RAW files.
There will be information on how to edit and back up your files, and practice at editing and backing up will be available, according to the needs of the individual.
Because the course has an enrolment limit of 12, there should be ample opportunity to ask questions and therefore to tailor the course to your own requirements.


  • something to lie on, (e.g. if you are wanting to take a shot at ground level)
  • warm waterproof clothing
  • digital camera with fully charged battery, and enough space on your memory card to store the pictures you take
  • something to protect your camera in case of inclement weather
  • cable or card reader to copy your pictures on to the University's computers
  • a USB memory stick to back up your files on
  • if you have a digital SLR, bring a long lens if you have one
  • packed lunch, or money for cafe or drinks machine

There is a cafe area on the ground floor of the St Andrews Building. While the cafe itself is not open on Saturdays, you are welcome to eat your packed lunch there. There is a drinks machine, tables, and seating.
Alternatively, there is a pub and cafes just across the road.

Details on, (then scroll down the page till you see the course).
At the top of the page is a button which takes you to a page which describes how to book the course. Bookings may be made in person, by telephone or by post through the University, but not through