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Half-day Digital Photography Workshop at An Cridhe, Arinagour, Coll - Friday 12th May 2017

Learn how to take great outdoor and wildlife photographs with your own camera then see your results on screen. Advice, encouragement and ideas from experienced photographer David Palmar.
This workshop is designed for any kind of digital camera - SLR, compact or bridge camera.
The level of the workshop can start from the basics, but be tailored to a more advanced level if that is what is needed.

Booking essential - only through An Cridhe (see booking details below), and not through this site.

Programme with approximate timings (may be altered depending on circumstances on the day):

  • 14.00 - Meet at An Cridhe, introduce yourself to the other people, and look at what equipment you have brought.
  • 14.15 - 14.45 - Introductory digital side show, to explore the possibilities, and suggest some techniques.
  • 14.45 - 15.30 - Leisurely walk round part of Arinagour, stopping to discuss and photograph whatever we feel like, and finishing back at An Cridhe.
  • 15.30 - 16.30 - Slide show of people's photographs, and question and answer session.

It would beneficial to all concerned if participants are willing to allow their photos to be projected to the group at the end of the walk, in order to provide helpful comments and generate discussion.
Please note that the event is very unlikely to be cancelled because of weather (it has never happened yet!), and in that event an inclement weather programme will run, which will involve a walk, perhaps shorter than normal, and some indoor photography.

The subjects for photography can include, depending on where we go:

  • The sea - reflections are a possibility if it's calm.
  • trees and the wood, bark patterns, lichen, mosses, foliage or berry colour.
  • fungi may emerge nearer the time.
  • plants - there should be enough flowers for closeup views.
  • birdlife - there are ducks and herons on the sea, so make sure you know how to work the zoom on your camera.
  • if you have a telephoto lens, there are small passerines in the woods, such as blue and great tits, robins, blackbirds and chaffinches.
  • Because of the range of photographic subjects available, advance planning will result in some suggestions for 'set pieces' to photograph, but there will be enough flexibility for people to spend some time photographing what they like.

What to Bring:

  • warm waterproof clothing
  • digital camera with fully charged battery, and enough space on your memory card to store the pictures you take
  • your camera's manual if you think you'll need help wth anything
  • something to protect your camera in case of inclement weather
  • something to lie on, (e.g. if you are wanting to take a shot at ground level)
  • money for contribution to An Cridhe for drinks
  • optionally, you might consider bringing:
    • a tripod (if you want to take a time exposure), or a monopod, walking pole or bean bag to steady your camera in a dark wood
    • binoculars if you want to watch birds

Booking a place:

Please book through An Cridhe, as the number of people will be limited to 12, to allow a reasonable possibility of getting individual help.
You will be asked to send a fee of £25 (£20 for Coll residents), by credit card over the phone, to ensure that there is a place for you.
Although you need to book with the An Cridhe, I would appreciate an email to the address on the Contact Us page, to let us know that you have booked, and what equipment you have.

Even if you cancel at the last minute, please let An Cridhe know in case there is someone else who is on the waiting list and can take up the place. If cancelling on the day, please phone An Cridhe, then we know not to wait for you.

You can book by phoning 01879 230000 or emailing